why aren’t there friend pick up lines

pick up lines to make friends 


“hey thats a cute dress you know where it would look better? on nobody else 

because you’re a beautiful individual” 

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out of step girl manifesto

i am out of step with society. i hate patriarchy, i hate god, i hate myself, i hate everyone, i hate the state, i hate capitalism, i hate the industry for treating animals as products, and i don’t feel special and unique for that, i feel out of place. i know that there are so many people like me, who feel out of place everywhere, even when we’re among eachother. 

and you know what, i am fed up of feeling sad for being out of step, i’m not about to give a fuck about this shit anymore, i am going to wear clothes you don’t get and i’m going to have a hairy upper lip occasionally because i don’t think the world sums up to being magazine pretty and book smart. 

the world is bigger than my fucking problems and it doesnt give a single shit about them, if someone makes me feel good about my appearance or is making an effort to bring me down, a hurricane could still tear them to pieces, this makes me feel like i’m missing some point. 

it is HARD and it is BORING to try to fit in, to try to act according to certain social patterns, it is so fucking dull to not be able to tell people how i feel, to not be able to ask them how they feel because it might be weird. i want to be able to tell people when they’re welcome to come in and when they’re not and not be taken the wrong way because someone says i should act otherwise. 

it pisses me off that people are supposed to be simplified, feel a certain way or have their feelings invalidated, we are all pretty fucking complex and rich, and it’s not fair to try to deprive us from our depth. 

i am fucking DONE with people trying to make me feel bad for wanting to be something else, and so should you, and if someone tries to bring me or someone else down for trying to step out of the comfort zone i am going to tear them to pieces. i am mine. i am mine. 

you are not allowed to come into my space and tell me how i should be and how i should act. i am not allowed to eat up to your bullshit and not question it. i am mine. 

i am going to be what i want to be, what i aim to be, or i’m going to die trying.


dont ever mention your job or your really nice holiday or your boyfriend because i am an eternally bitter person

sarah it’s us

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someone please explain to me again how does this imalive.org plans on saving any lives if their chat is never online

i feel terrible about myself today i’m just a lazy useless fat ugly unemployed dumb twat who can’t do anything right 

harry potter and the prisoner of don’t type x into my browser you son of a bitch

nigga if you think im gonna pay 10 dollars + shipping for your fucking scrunchie you are dead wrong 

a fucking SCRUNCHIE 

sometimes i’ll say something and my friends will misunderstand it and think i meant something really absurd and proceed the conversation as if i just said something really legit and that i would actually say and i get really impressed with the asshole they take me for


I spend 800% of my life exaggerating 

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it really shits me out that people would print fuck off on a shirt and charge 33 dollars for it lul 


do you mind if i reblog this to explain why i didnt like it? i cant fit it here or in the askbox

yeah totally! im always down for input/opinions

again i’d like to stress that i dont mean anything i say here as a personal offense to you because you liked that post, im just saying why i dislike it. 

so, ok, i was reading it, and in the first page it was kind of right, like, the part where she says some guys think theyre better because they want to fuck a “deep” girl, instead of wanting to fuck, idk, beyonce? and she said a few things i couldve gone without, like “magical vagina”, but it was ok

then the second page (to me, obvs) reads “i blame zooey deschanel for making me think it would work to go completely out of my way and emulate another person’s thoughts to get guys” when 

1) every teen does that?? she just sounds like she has special snowflake syndrome, like “omg, zooey you made me do something in my teens that i would regret years later, and i am so pissed at you for making me be the 1st person in the world to go through that!!”

2) its not zooey’s fault if the writer of the article would rather be worshipped by that kind of men who think they are really something because they would rather have sex with an “adorkable” girl, rather than the usual porn star, than being herself and wait for someone who appreciates her as she is. i for one, blame our patriarchal society, that tells us since we pop out of the womb that, the best thing a woman can achieve in her life, is to find a man who wants to stick with her (love is optional)

it could have been a funny post, though, but then she said ‘now i dont blame her anymore’ and it was +1-1=0 you know 

idk, i just saw a lot of girl hate and i do not approve of that, i mean, what did zooey actually do, you know? haha she’s just an actress, as far as we know, she’s quirky and “adorable”, etc, but we dont really know her, we just see her on tv, she shouldnt be held responsible for our thorough interpretation of her personality from the .5% of actual information we’re given about her life. i mean, she got divorced, how’s that for the stereotype of “perfect dream girl”? lol 

p.s.: im not a big fan of hers neither, she’s just not my cup of tea

why does justin theroux look so good though

look at him