when my hair sucks my life sucks

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stuff you can’t ever forget 

some people lie just for the sake of lying, they have no particular reason to do so, they just lie all the time, and sometimes they’ll fool you.


despite your best efforts to see the good in people some people are jerks period

there’s no good side to them and you shouldn’t feel bad about kicking them to the curb 

i was thinking about this earlier today, actually. i even considered asking you, but then i just gave up, believing it would be bothersome or something. so this game is just awesome, thanks! anyway, what keeps me from trying is, well.. my doctor told me i could die of anaemia without meat. she says it's already too high (or low, idk) and the iron capsules alone can't do it, nor vegetables or anything.

maybe, and i’m not trying to be condescending or anything, it’s just because this subject doesnt really interests people into making research etc, but there’s a possibility that your doctor doesnt reaaaally know about nutritional value of vegetables in a thorough way. i for one, had anaemia once, that one where you’re deprived of iron (my doctor said there are others, one where your blood cells change format and you cant catch malaria, and others), and i refused to go back to eating meat so i would make beans (here in brazil we eat beans all the time) with kale and other dark leaf vegetables, also LOADS OF BEETS, beets with the salads, beet juice, etc, plus the iron pills, and i got better! i cant tell you 100% positive that i’m “cured”, idek if anaemia has a cure, but i haven’t fainted on the street, felt weak or looked pale in the longest time! my doctor said i could have leukemia if i didn’t go back to eating meat, but i am stubborn and i was 100% positive i could go without it, and now i’m a lot better hehehe this is risky behavior i dont endorse for others hahah ok

you could try like day in/day out, like, 1 day you eat meat, one day you replace meat with those vegetables i’ve mentioned, and you do that a whole week and see how your body responds, maybe!

someone please explain to me again how does this plans on saving any lives if their chat is never online

i feel terrible about myself today i’m just a lazy useless fat ugly unemployed dumb twat who can’t do anything right 

mostly i’ll just follow anyone with a pixies reference in their url

sometimes i’ll say something and my friends will misunderstand it and think i meant something really absurd and proceed the conversation as if i just said something really legit and that i would actually say and i get really impressed with the asshole they take me for

let’s see:

  • i treat the waiter/waitress well (when i’m the one that does the talking) but i dont try to start convos like “hey whats up” because i know they have other tables to serve……… i just ask for the food in a nice voice and say please and thanks…… i was a waitress once i sort of know how to treat them
  • i like the weather as long as it’s not raining 
  • i dog ear pages and highlight in books, the more i like a book the more it is falling apart when i finish reading it (not falling apart, but it looks really used)
  • my fingernails are gigantic
  • my hands are normal and really skinny… i mostly have untrimmed cuticles and dirt underneath my thumbs nails
  • my preferred creative outlet is writing 
  • i dread talking on the phone, a lot
  • i drink coffee, lots of it depending on how much work i have to do
  • i forget to eat, often, and get lightheaded on the subway because of that… the subway staff calls me by the name because it happens so often..
  • i am known to be very honest
  • i dont correct people’s grammar, i used to but i dont anymore
  • i dont get nervous before haircuts, i love getting my hair cut

ok so what does it say

about me 


at times i watch quality blogs as they chat with their circle of friends and think “man i can’t even be a cool kid on a website full of nerds”.

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